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[New York, NY – July 15, 2021] Singer/songwriter Mackenzie Shrieve released a new summer anthem, “Parents”, out now – the third track released from her anticipated debut album, In the While, out Friday, July 22nd, 2021 via Satsuma Collective.

Listen to “Parents” and watch the video HERE


The song revives the fun of ‘80s pop rock and Mackenzie’s lyrics unleash teenage memories by painting a picture of feeling misunderstood by the world and wanting to escape your childhood home. “Parents” is a rebellious song about defying the “I told you so” lectures from your parents and choosing to listen to your own inner voice.

“I wanted to write a song from that angsty perspective of being sixteen when you think you have everything figured out,” Mackenzie explains. “When you get annoyed at your parents for trying to relate to you because you want to feel understood, but not by them. I had recently come out and from what I had seen, New York seemed like the place to be. I wanted to make an anthem to scream in the car with your friends while imagining you’re on stage in an arena. This is a dream big, ‘I can do anything’ kind of an anthem.”

The video for “Parents” was directed by Chris Cranston and was filmed in the neighborhood Mackenzie grew up in. It includes appearances by Mackenzie’s mom, Heejin, and Mackenzie’s childhood friend, Marissa. The video is available to watch HERE.

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Since her 2018 release of single “Bitter to Me,” which has amassed over thirty thousand streams on Spotify, Mackenzie has released an EP, Running in My Bed (2019) and has played several shows in both New York City and California. In February 2020, Mackenzie played a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC alongside Tor Miller and Charlie Brennan. September 2020 saw the release of her single “in the before” leading up to another single release, “Running & Hiding” in April 2021. Mackenzie has since released two singles from her debut album, “Running & Hiding” and “Car Lights.” NPR featured Mackenzie in The Best 2021 Tiny Desk Contest Entries We Saw This Week: Volume 3 for her unreleased song “Didn’t I Tell Ya.”

“I was intrigued and endeared by the sonic style: the way songwriter Mackenzie Shrieve waltzes between singing and speaking. But what has really stuck with me about this entry is the honest and clever lyricism.” – NPR (2021)

“There are very few things in life more soothing than Mackenzie Shrieve’s compassionately inviting vocals.” – A&R Factory (2020)

“Writing with her heart on her sleeve, Mackenzie uses personal experiences to narrate her musical journey.” – Fame Magazine UK (2020)“With the chilled piano and soothing vocals infused, it’s clear to see that Mackenzie’s music is one to watch out for especially as the track is out now.  Her music combines with a rich array of indie, folk and pop melodies, Mackenzie’s sound is inherently unique.” – It’s All Indie (2020)

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