[New York, New York – August 21, 2020] – Today, Mackenzie Shrieve shares her new video, “Moon Hug (Live From Home).”

The performance features bandmates, friends, and family and was shot entirely remotely using phones and laptops, indoors and outdoors.

“Moon Hug” is about the summer camp my family and I have gone to our entire lives, which burned down in the 2013 Yosemite Rim Fire. There are currently over 300 wildfires throughout California, which have burned 771,000 acres, forcing more than 60,000 people out of their homes. Evacuees are now forced to weigh risks of COVID-19 while seeking shelter.

Mackenzie Shrieve

Click here for ways to protect the California wildlife that inspired this song.


Tia Dizon, Marlo Shankweiler, Hanna Choi, Constantine Loucopoulos, Maggie Jenkins, John Rogers, Nat Jenkins, Havana Liu, Sofia Figueroa, Samantha Whitty, & Mia Porcelli


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