[New York, NY – April 6, 2018] – The Satsuma Collective is excited to announce the release of Corey Ross’ latest single “Americana” which is now available across all digital music platforms.

The single is Corey’s third single. Written by Corey Ross and Nat Jenkins and produced by Nat Jenkins, “Americana” is a thought provoking letter of unrequited love. Its moody and melancholic guitars meet its funky bassline and trap-influenced beats to evoke a new and unfamiliar blend of emotions.

“Love is stronger than pride to a fault at times,” says Ross. “‘Americana’ explores this fault. I would lay my life on the line for you, risk it all for a chance with you but you don’t care. What was once simple and honest has become elusive.”

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Corey Ross is the Satsuma Collective’s premiere artist. Corey began with the release of his single “Life in the Hills” last fall, and “Love on the Weekend” earlier this year. Stay tuned for show dates, behind the scenes content, music videos and more.