[New York, NY – June 14, 2021] Singer/songwriter Mackenzie Shrieve released her new song “Car Lights” out now via Satsuma Collective.

Listen to “Car Lights” and watch the video HERE.

Filled with melancholic piano, somber choral vocals, and Mackenzie’s woefully honest lyrics, “Car Lights” is a devastating song about a painful goodbye between lovers at the end of an unhealthy relationship. This song is an ode to the heartbreaking conversations that we have when we move on from a bad relationship.

“‘Car Lights’ emerged quickly at the beginning of quarantine when I went back home to California and had a big reunion with my piano,” Mackenzie shares. “I kept envisioning two people slow dancing in a parking lot and wanted to capture that in a song. It started out as fiction and then, like most of my songs, turned into something more personal. I had been reflecting on past unhealthy relationships/friendships and consolidated those feelings into one song.”

The video for “Car Lights” was directed by Nat Jenkins and choreographed by Satchel Lee. It also features animation by Lucie Frauenfelder, the video is available to watch HERE.

Photo Credit: Satchel Lee

Since her 2018 release of single “Bitter to Me,” which has amassed over thirty thousand streams on Spotify, Mackenzie has released an EP, “Running in My Bed” (2019) and has played several shows in both New York City and California. In February 2020, Mackenzie played a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC alongside Tor Miller and Charlie Brennan. September 2020 saw the release of her single “in the before” leading up to another single release, “Running & Hiding” in April 2021.

“There are very few things in life more soothing than Mackenzie Shrieve’s compassionately inviting vocals.” – A&R Factory (2020)

“Writing with her heart on her sleeve, Mackenzie uses personal experiences to narrate her musical journey.” – Fame Magazine UK (2020)

“With the chilled piano and soothing vocals infused, it’s clear to see that Mackenzie’s music is one to watch out for especially as the track is out now.  Her music combines with a rich array of indie, folk and pop melodies, Mackenzie’s sound is inherently unique.” – It’s All Indie (2020)

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