[New York, NY – October 22, 2020] – Today, Queens-based singer, songwriter and producer Rocko Blanco releases his anticipated debut EP Cobra. Following the release of title track “Cobra”, the 5 track EP is available everywhere now, via Satsuma Collective.

Listen to Cobra EP HERE.

Cobra is a widely eclectic collection of songs produced by Rocko Blanco and Nat Jenkins. It’s breadth of sounds and influence are performed by the two, featuring bold and imaginative vocal performances by Rocko and special guest instrumentalists such as Roy Nathanson.

this album stands as an interrogation of the capitalist, imperialist realities we’re deluded into thinking are “norms” everyday. The rest is up to me Nd u! More 2 come.

Rocko Blanco


  1. Cobra
  2. P.I.M.P. (Pasta In My Pocket)
  3. Synthetic Purples
  4. Tide Pen
  5. Shootin’ Star


Rocko Blanco is a born and raised NYC based artist. Teaching himself piano at a young age, his musical education took root when he was classically trained in vocal performance at the Tony Bennet-founded Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School in Astoria, Queens. Since then, Rocko has studied the social & political implications of popular music, and graduated with a degree in Musicology from Gallatin NYU.

Using dynamic musical crossroads, inspired by the prismatic cultures of his hometown in Queens “The World’s Borough,” he has made it his mission to address the systemic injustices that permeate all facets of our society. Rocko Blanco strives for his music to be communicable, salient, and enjoyable. Keep your eyes open, because he’s just getting started.

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